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November Happenings

Dan's Blog Posted on Thu, November 24, 2011 11:39AM

What’s been happening?

Since my last post I have seen both George and Matt in person, both of them are having a great time at uni, although they don’t have much spare time to work on projects here.

I’ve been working on various things over the last month.

Antibody Blast (mac version) and Sudz (PC and mac versions) are both basically finished, I just need to sort out a few things on mac that might cause problems for some users. They are still set for release on Dec 2nd for $2.99.

Green As Grass, our second eBook, is not quite finished yet. I did hope to publish it tomorrow, but it looks like it will be December before it sees a release. We do however have another eBook ready, which is actually complete but cannot be released without the go-ahead from the author.

Planning is under way for Android and iOS versions of Sudz as well as the previously announced Antibody Blast: Go for the same two platforms. However, the release date for such things is uncertain and likely to be further away than we’d hoped as YoYoGames has increased their release estimate for GameMaker: Studio from Q4 2011 to Q1 2012.

Also during this month, I ‘retired’ from my position as Elite Artist and Administrator of Nation Of Design. I will still be a regular member of the forum, but I feel that the lack of enthusiasm by other members has almost brought the website to a stand still, and I’m not the one with the power to help…

What Will happen?

As described above, over the next month we should see the release of Antibody Blast (mac) and Sudz. Possibly the releases of 2 eBooks, and hopefully some sort of further information on Android / iOS developments.

If I manage to get the planned releases out on time, I will probably continue work on Cosmos Origins: The Crystal Beacons and expand on some ideas I’ve had for future games and software.

Thanks for reading, If you want to be updated more often you can always follow me on twitter (I’m @GameDevDan)



Sudz Trailer is up!

Site News Posted on Tue, November 15, 2011 09:46PM

We’re getting ever closer to the release of Sudz now! The trailer has been released!

Direct Link:

Embedded Video:




99p just became an even better deal!

Site News Posted on Mon, November 14, 2011 07:47PM

Remember the deal where if you buy Antibody Blast before December 2nd you get Sudz free upon release?

That deal just got even better. Currently Antibody Blast is on sale for 0.99 GBP ( ~1.58 USD ).

Initially Sudz was going to be this price too, making the current offer a simple 2-for-1 deal. However, due to security issues (and the cost of solving them) the price of both Sudz and Antibody Blast from December 2nd onwards will be in USD by default and will be 2.99 USD ( ~1.89 GBP ). We believe this is still an awesome price for our games, but this also has the effect of making the current price an even greater deal!

By paying 0.99 GBP (~1.58 USD) for Antibody Blast now (still getting Sudz free) you are saving 2.79 GBP! ( ~4.40 USD). That’s a MASSIVE 73% off!

So buy Antibody Blast now to make great savings, or if you’d rather support us as a growing team, you can save up a little spare change now and buy later!

Remember, this deal is only available to PC users, as the Mac versions of both games come out after December 2nd. (Sorry Mac users, we’ll give you some awesome deals in future. We promise ;P )


~ Dan

October Happenings

Dan's Blog Posted on Sun, October 23, 2011 11:24AM

The blog seems to become more and more neglected now that we all have twitter, but we are trying to give you a few bulk updates (George’s recent post is an example). I’m using my post for this month to tell you about things that have happened and things that will happen this October.

What has happened already?

At the end of September we released Store Room on PC, Web and Facebook. This gives us our first full HTML5 / Facebook game to be released on the site. After this George and Matt have both left our base of Bristol to go to university in Nottingham and Oxford respectively. Judging by the amount of drunken photos / statuses on facebook they’re working extremely hard. COUGH. smiley. Way back on the 1st of October we published our first eBook for amazon kindle. Disciple, written by Richard J. Johnston, is a short story which has won an award for best in book by publisher united press ltd. On the 16th of this month we released a port of Store Room (with slightly different features) for Mac. This sets a record as our first Mac app and our first fully cross-platform game. In terms of unseen work that has been going on, we have started editing and publishing our second eBook, Green as Grass, also written by Richard J. Johnston. We are still working on Antibody Blast Mac, Sudz, Cosmos, and a few other projects. The only one of these that currently has a release date is Sudz (December 2nd). If you buy Antibody Blast PC now, you will get Sudz free when it releases.

What will be happening?

GameCity6 opens in Nottingham on Tuesday night and runs until Saturday. On Thursday I’m catching the train up to Nottingham to visit George and we’ll be spending some time at GameCity! We’ll also be drinking quite a bit, but that doesn’t sound like work so pretend you didn’t read it. I plan to take a bit O’ video footage so that I can show you guys what happened and I also want to do a hallowe’en message on youtube. So… Yeh. There probably won’t be a release in any category on before the end of this month, but you can be sure that we’re still working on things.

Cheers for reading Bros,


Procrastinating my procrastination.

George's Blog Posted on Thu, October 20, 2011 12:31PM

Hey y’all!

A quick update that may drag on, but never mind. I realised last night that I haven’t blogged here since early August, so decided I should update you on my doings and whereabouts, and as the title suggests, I think to myself that I should write this blog but then end up watching funny cat videos and stuff (when I should actually be doing uni work. Opps).

So since the last post, many exciting things have happened. I was accepted into University, which I started in late September and therefore have had to move up north. I’m studying Music and as a result, after Christmas I will be studying composition (yay!) and being taught how to actually write music. It would be great to put this into practice, especially in upcoming projects for witw!

I mentioned in my last update that I was helping with the code for <b>Elements</b>. I kind of got busy and didn’t actually end up doing much of it, so full credit goes to Dan for doing the app and then Matt for proof-reading and correcting mistakes with his immense chemistry knowledge.

Cosmo, cosmo cosmo! I thought I had finished the music, turns out I still have one piece to go (my bad Dan :P). Turns out I have a reading week soon, so I’m going to try and do it then. If not, when I return at Christmas! Then when the game is released, you can all look out for the Original Soundtrack on my YouTube channel, musicandthingswitw.

FINALLY, Dan is coming up to see me on a strict business trip. By which I mean he’s/we’re going to check out GameCity6 next week. Good times.

So on that note, I’ll be Bach soon. And by soon I mean before Christmas. And by before Christmas I mean when I get home. And by when I get ho…Never mind.

Peace out!


[P.s I apologise for the awful muscial puns, I just couldn’t resist. I’ll find my own way out…]

P.p.s Damn, this is longer than plan.

More about our plans

Dan's Blog Posted on Wed, September 28, 2011 02:13PM

I explained some of our [very loose] business plan here:

If you haven’t seen it that’s fine, this post will still make sense. I’m basically going to talk about the further shuffling of release dates and things.

In the video I categorized our ventures into 5 different sections. Games, Software, Merchandise, Design and eBooks.

What I didn’t do was tell you which of these holds priority and what we plan to do up until the end of this year etc.

My highest priority right now will be the Design aspect over at, but only whilst I have actual clients waiting for work. When I don’t have to be designing,Games will be the next priority.

Over the course of the winter we intend to publish several games, and hope to properly break into the mobile gaming market when GameMaker: Studio is released. I am aware that there are software titles that were promised to be published during 2011, and although they are still in development they may be pushed back into 2012.

Lowest priority is probably Merchandising and eBooks. eBooks will only be released when I have clients (much like Designing) and new merchandise will be released with new games as they become more popular.

If you wish to know exactly what we plan to be working on between now and new year, the basics are:

– Antibody Blast for Mac

– Sudz for PC

– Cosmos Origins: The Crystal Beacons

– Antibody Blast: Go for Android

but as you know it can be quite misleading to go on our blog posts alone so the best way to keep up with what we are actually doing is to follow us all on twitter.



Store Room Facebook App

Site News Posted on Sun, September 25, 2011 09:45PM

Today marks the release of our first full HTML5 game. Created with GameMaker HTML5 in a matter of hours, Store Room is a variation of the many “box dropping” games that are already out there.

The game can be launched in a browser window or embedded in facebook.

Click the picture to visit the page.



GM HTML5 in 6 Days

Dan's Blog Posted on Fri, September 16, 2011 06:02PM

Game Maker HTML5 is set for beta release in just six days time.

Assuming the whole thing goes smoothly I will be purchasing it on the day of release and getting to work on a few things.

I’ll be putting a few of our current projects back a couple of weeks to test out GM HTML5 and release various things created using it.

First of all you can expect some kind of animation / feature slider for the homepage just to test out the basic functions of GMHTML5 and how fast it loads.

Secondly I will be trying to make instantly playable versions of games (such as the Lite version of antibody blast).

The final thing I have in mind is to create a GMHTML5 compatible version of Aerohawk Effects. Obviously it would seem odd to have this only run as an exe, so I’m going to attempt to allow it to run within users’ browsers.

Cheers for reading,


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