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Matt's Blog Posted on Wed, August 31, 2011 09:12PM

Just a quick update on what i’ve been doing at witw recently (spoiler: not a lot).

I’ll be going off to university in October, so am unlikely to be working on anything big for a while. (but think of those lovely long holidays…). This means that you probably won’t be seeing any games made solely by me anytime soon (viz: Cheesewire Neck Man which i will finish one day). But Cosmos Origins 2 is still progressing fairly well, and we still have an engine that feels nice to play. (Of course, it is not the engine that takes time to make…)

Don’t forget of course to play Antibody Blast 3, the newest (and best) game in the series. I’ve been playing it for some time now and have yet to unlock all of the achievements so IT MUST BE GOOD. And if you want to support us in our quest to make more and better games, PLEASE get the paid version (and if that’s not enough for you, we’ll also throw in our next paid PC game all for FREE if you buy it before December).

Elements is also a corker of an app: an exquisite timewaster and remarkably useful free portable-periodic-table for your chemical convenience. In other news, as Dan piled on, the site is now three years old! I share a birthday with wormintheworks and so it was double the fun.

Other Games I Like:

I love my shiny new 3DS, even though I don’t actually have stereo vision and thus can’t see in 3D. But what do I know I’m a sucker for anything I can play Ocarina Of Time on.

The games from the Humble Indie Bundle are great too, but I don’t particularly want to wax lyrical about them ’cause the Bundle is over. HOWEVER, they are some very good quality proper indie games and as such I would heartily recommend them either way to patrons of this quality website.

Happy Gamin’!

Some Summery News

Matt's Blog Posted on Sun, July 10, 2011 06:31PM

So then, the bloggin’ season is upon us, which means that I should probably make a new post at some point.

I’m very excited about getting back to using the lovely new Game Maker 8.1 after a somewhat self-enforced break. This means that I currently have a nice little engine going for the much-lauded Cosmos Origins prequel, on which I’m currently testing out some cool new gameplay ideas (whilst Dan and George are ‘busy’ on holiday, the goodfernuthins). This is of course our biggest game yet, with three (three!) people working on it, so don’t expect to see anything in the near future.

Also, my long-running project Cheesewire Neck Man is in its fourth iteration, and this time it looks to be a keeper. It’s an arcadey-style game where you play as a man with cheesewire for a neck. Fairly self-explanatory then. Think Metal Slug plus No More Heroes but with more pixely graphics and you’re not a million miles away; and yes I realise how pretentious that sounds. Hopefully the control issues that dogged the previous versions have been solved for this new one.

Other than that, we have a whole summer ahead of us, so hopefully expect a bit more work from me on the site (i.e. I finish a game at some point).

Happy bloggin’!


The Demented Ramblings Of A Madman

Matt's Blog Posted on Wed, April 20, 2011 11:18PM

NEWSFLASH: I have a Twitter account now! If you must, I am botothy

So then, here is an informative post detailing why exactly I haven’t been making any wonderful games for your adoring enjoyment. Because I’ve been playing them!

Obviously this is for purposes of inspiration for my next blockbuster: DESPERADO 2; THE REVENGE OF BANDITO MCGREW. IN STORES WINTER 2017.

On the subject of games that you will have to pay money to acquire (legally, at any rate): I’ve just finished the very good Ghost Trick on the DS. It’s made by the same guy that did Phoenix Wright. Not that I’ve played any of the series. But I may now have to seek them out, based solely on the strength of Ghost Trick. It is good, is what I am trying to tell you.

There are also 3 DS (no, not games for the new ‘3DS’ videogame console manufactured of late by the Nintendo company of Japan, for I do not own one. Dan does though. Go pester him.) games that I have not yet played: Chrono Trigger, the new Golden Sun, and Okamiden. And yet I own two of them. This is a sorry state of affairs. The predecessors of Golden Sun and Okamiden were very good (whoops, that phrase again) games that got a bit overlooked, so their sequels should be good also. There you are, some commercial game recommendations from a supposedly ‘indie’ games website.

Oh and I’ve been playing Super Mario RPG as well. If you like Mario RPGs then play it. It is fun.

But now we glide across into the uncharted ‘independent games’ territory. Some games of note that I like follow.

First up, my favourite Game Maker game of all time: the lovely Seiklus. Play it now. If you don’t bother to read any more of this overlong blog post, then just go and download Seiklus. Now. I am serious. (Trivia: it’s Estonian for Adventure.)

Anyway, I’ve also been slightly addicted to the very laid-back game Rainpaper. It’s that rare beast: a Game Maker puzzle game which is A) unique and B) sufficiently uncomplicated so as to be worth bothering with. It’s a very simple game in terms of mechanics, but it can get remarkably difficult. Also it probably appeals to the mathematician in me as it basically involves arranging tiles on a grid. But in a fun way.

Next up, DESPERADO LOLOLOLOL. No, it’s not. It is, in fact, Eggs With Legs (and other strange things). Picked because it was the first thing that I saw nestled amongst my huge cluttered desk-drawer of files that passes for a ‘games’ folder. And I like the graphics. All very nicely hand drawn (and also animated really well). Other than that, it’s a puzzley-platformey type affair that is surprisingly difficult. In a similar vein I should also mention Core. Although Core is really rather different. The focus is on shortish levels, with a time-attacky slant to the proceedings. Also the graphics are nothing like Eggs With Legs. Although I must say, Core has probably been played a lot more than the former. It’s a pretty big game.

Anyway, I hope this has given you some vague idea of what I do with my game-playing time. That was definitely not MY LIST OF THE 4 BEST GAME MAKER GAMES EVER (except Seiklus, which is obviously top), but rather some random games that are quite fun. I may talk about some more games later.

Two more mostly irrelevant things I also want to mention:
A wordy but ultimately readable blog by a friend of mine
A different blog about games that is better than this one

Adios, faithful bloggers!

Shiny New Blog

Matt's Blog Posted on Sat, January 01, 2011 08:40PM

Welcome to Matt’s Blog 2011 – the newer, shinier version! It is exactly like the old version (ie rambling and infrequently updated), just… shinier.

Anyway, here’s what will hopefully be happening in the coming year:

>As I have a new laptop, it is time for me to succumb to the juicy pleasures of Game Maker 8. This is in no way particularly interesting, but it does mean that it will be a LOT easier for me to collaborate with Dan on games.

>The Train Game (previously enigmatically referred to as ‘Project T’) is now in development for PC (which Dan has already mentioned so this really is useless information). The idea with the iPad version was that it was going to be controlled by drawing a track on the screen, so it will be interesting to see how this mechanic translates BACK to PC.

>Still in gamey news, Desperado is still facing publishing problems (I completed it in November, honest guvnor). With any luck it will actually be playable and released quite soon…

>But probably not very soon, as me having exams all through January (from the 10th to the 27th) means that the game engines are going to cool down even further. To about absolute zero (oh ho, see that, thats some sort of pun I’m sure).

>While i’m on the lifey front, ideally I will be going to university at some point in the year! (unlike Dan, I however have no intention of learning to drive.) More specifically I’ve recieved an offer from Oxford to study Maths (which I am very excited about!), so… that might work out.

Anyway, maybe another blog post is coming at some point in the future. Until then, bye!


Matt’s Blog!

Matt's Blog Posted on Fri, December 03, 2010 05:50PM

So then,

Dan has given me the keys to the blog, so perhaps I will blog about things occasionally. But knowing me not very often.

On a cheerier note, the collaboration between me and Dan (I believe he referred to it earlier as ‘Project T’) is coming along quite well and we think it will be VERY COOL. Although at the moment we are still just tightening up our design ideas, so it will probably be a good while before anything is anywhere near release.

However, at some point we MAY release some revamps of my older games for the site (if Dan deems them any good), as at the moment I have a lot of (potentially) good games sitting on my (aging) laptop. More on this (perhaps) soon!

First blog post: OVER