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More advanced apps closer than we thought?

Articles Posted on Wed, September 07, 2011 04:31PM

Hey Guys,

Those of you who are more clued up on what we do here will know the tools we use to develop and publish games.

Currently to create PC games we use GameMaker 8.1, and to create android applications we use Eclipse and HTML5.

Publishing PC games with GameMaker 8.1 is awesome and allows us to do pretty much anything we set our minds to as long as we can keep the frame rate at an acceptable level. However, making android apps with just html5 has more than a few problems.

Mostly these problems are based on the fact that android runs on many different devices with different specs and the apps have to run in the built-in browser. In our current situation we can’t create action games for mobile devices, simply point-and-click projects.

As you may know we have a game intended for mobile devices already developed (antibody blast: go) that we’ve been plugging since about ferbruary. The only problem with this is that the app was developed in GameMaker 8.1 and cannot be ported easily to android. Well that may be about to change.

In a recent blog post ( ) Sandy Duncan, Head of YoYoGames, Stated that “GameMaker: HTML5 and GameMAker:Studio [sic] editions… …will both be out in 2011“. This means that you may see us publishing ‘proper’ games for mobile devices by the end of 2011!

Exciting stuff eh? watch this space.

~ Dan.

Three Year Anniversary!

Articles Posted on Sat, August 27, 2011 06:13PM is 3 years old today!

Rather conveniently we have also released our first paid app today, antibody blast 3, which is now available on windows.

To mark the occasion, and just because I enjoy doing them, I’m going to post some stats and timelines! (Oh Joy!)


Hits in Year 1: 139,729

Hits in Year 2: 90,713

Hits in Year 3: 160,939

Total Hits: 391, 381


4 MAY 08 – Zhat

17 JUN 08 – Cosmic Icon Maker 3

9 JUL 08 – Zhat Reloaded

22 FEB 09 – Aerohawk Effects 2

14 MAR 09 – Bloom Help

12 JUN 09 – Antibody Blast

4 JUL 09 – VisionSilk

4 JUL 09 – PngCon +

21 NOV 09 – PngCon Studio

3 APR 10 – Cosmos Origins: Delegates in Peril

18 JUN 10 – Antibody Blast 2

15 SEP 10 – Aerohawk Effects 3

9 OCT 10 – Aerohawk Plume

10 JAN 11 – Desperado

11 JUN 11 – Aerohawk Effects 3

3 JUL 11 – VisionSilk 2

5 JUL 11 – PngCon + 2

24 JUL 11 – The Mystery Of Bockston House

23 AUG 11 – Elements

27 AUG 11 – Antibody Blast 3

Lost / Deleted Releases: Aerohawk 1, WicoMake 1, WicoMake 2, Guitar Master, Guitar Master 2, Guitar Master 3, Guitar Master 4

Hope that was somewhat interesting, thanks for supporting us in our past, present and future!



Koya Rift and Code Drama

Articles Posted on Sat, May 21, 2011 12:09PM

Hey Folks,

It’s been a while, and there’s a good reason for that which I’ll get to in a minute. First of all I want to plug Koya Rift again. Koya Rift is a game developed by Zach Kehs for PC using Game Maker. The game features fast-paced, glowy, shoot ’em up gameplay with procedural generation making sure that the gamer’s experience is never exactly the same. The game will be released on the 24th of may at

Now for a related announcement :- I will be joining the code-drama team for working on future projects! My Job there is as a PR and advertising guy so my time here will be consumed even more!

Wish us luck!

~ Dan

YoYo Games announces “Game Maker Studio*”

Articles Posted on Sat, April 23, 2011 12:00PM

*Working title

Stuart Poole of YoYoGames posted on the official glog yesterday to wish users a happy easter and to reveal what he called an “easter egg”.

The post itself contained no text-based information on the new product, but rather a tech demonstration video of Game Maker 8.1 running with “Game Maker Studio” features. The video shows the making of a game similar to Chad Chisholm’s skydiver and looks like regular GM8.1 until the last minute when the game is exported to various formats for different consoles from the file menu. The video is simply titled tech_vid_final.mp4 and thus appears to be designed as a gift to people who read the glog regularly.

Various other details were later revealed in the comments section of the original post by staff after prompts for information from users. These new features are listed below and will be added to gradually as news comes in:

Studio exports to PC, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iPhone & iPad (Combined), Android, PSP and HTML 5 as well as having the option to export to all at once. (Original video)

“When Game Maker Studio is released (TBC), it will allow developers to
make and release their games independently from YoYo Games.” (Stuart Poole)

“This is a separate product(s) not the next Standard or Lite.” (Russell Kay)

“all our target devices support 3D, and we are committed to supporting and improving that over time…” (Russell Kay)

“[The] current HTML runner has no frame rate locking it is just running at full speed (limited only by browser speed)” (Russell Kay)

Why does this news matter to anyone just here to play our games? Because it will allow us to publish these games on devices that can be played anytime, anywhere, as well as perhaps earning a little bit of money to improve the quality of the games we produce.

Stay tuned folks!

~ Dan

YYG Submissions opening date: February 9th ?

Articles Posted on Fri, February 04, 2011 09:27PM

Update: Forget it, it was about karoshi, which was released a day early.

Interesting stuff guys:

I was beginning to wonder whether YoYoGames had changed their mind about opening the store for submissions for iOS etc. However, recent events show that the store may be open in as soon as 5 days time (next wednesday).

These two tweets were posted today by YYG:
Which accompanies an article earlier this week by GameMakerBlog where Mark Overmars states that YYG store will be open for submissions in “early February“.

What does this mean for

Well we have a game (Antibody Blast: Go) ready for submission for iOS, and several more great ideas that could be tweaked if YYG see us as a potential partner. So you may be seeing the first Wormintheworks portable video games 😉

I hope this is the news we’ve been waiting for!


~ Dan

Ten Questions… Koya Rift

Articles Posted on Thu, January 27, 2011 09:17PM

Hey guys! So this is only the second ever ‘ten questions’ we’ve done (the first being with Dazz from TSR). This is the epic one though, we’ve got an interview with Zach Kehs, creator of the hot, new, upcoming game Koya Rift.

Game Information

Zach Kehs (SunnyKatt)
Publisher(s): TBA
Genre: Action
Console: PC
Release Date: May 2011
Age Rating: Teen – Violence, but no blood.
Price: $10 (US Maximum) £7 (UK Current Exchange Rate)

Now, The Interrogation…

Hey there zach, thanks for talking to us.

Thanks for interviewing me, Dan.

(1) Before we discuss your upcoming game, Koya Rift, it’ll be cool to get some
background on you and your objectives. How long have you been into game
development and where does it fit into your future?

been developing games for maybe 5 or 6 years now, even though many of
the early years were just stumbling around trying to learn how to code /
do art. I plan on developing games as an indie for as long as I
possibly can and make some cash on the side to help live on. My dream is
to be able to live entirely on revenue from my games.

(2) Onto Koya Rift, for those who haven’t heard much about it yet, could you
maybe explain the basic concepts to us?

it’s a procedurally generated ACTIONFEST. You just run around shooting
the crap out of anything that moves, and by that I mean evil looking
aliens. Of course it’s up to the player to decide if they are really the
bad guys or not, but either way you’ll be killing them to play the
game. Each round you are dropped off in your robotic pod to a new area
of this hostile planet. You must buy units to help you and go
underground to destroy all the enemies in each level. Each and every
level is procedurally generated, so it’s different every time. You can’t
memorize your way through anything – even the guns are generated before
each level and so you must adapt your tactics on the fly to succeed.

yeah – and the difficulty adjusts itself to you all the time. So no
matter how good you are at the game, you won’t feel like the king for
long. It will catch up to you and make you suffer for your victory.

(3) Not only is Koya Rift an independent game, but you have also created the bulk of it by yourself. Has the hard work been worth it for the end result?

a game by myself was an awful experience. Yeah, on one hand, the art
direction, design, and programming are always on the same page (because
they exist in my mind), but on the other hand it made me neglect areas
of the game during development and force myself to spend longer than
normal on things I’m normally not good at. For example, much of the art
either took pretty short or it took FOREVER because I couldn’t get a
grasp of what I really wanted something to look like deep down inside.
Plus, it took long to get anything done because I had to do all aspects
of the game myself. I’m extremely, entirely happy with the end result
though. I think it was worth it, because I learned a lot, and in the
future when I work with a team I will understand the role everyone plays
much better.

(4) With decades of video games behind us and the more recent progression of easy development tools for bedroom coders, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas. How have you made Koya Rift fresh and exciting for PC gamers?

factor of video game development I have become obsessed with of late is
procedural generation. Instead of giving the player a game to play
through and enjoy once, I created an engine that creates a new
experience for them time and time again. This is a huge plus, in my
opinion, because now the bottleneck of enjoyment on a game I create is
not the number of levels or static content. Did you ever play a puzzle
game where there were great concepts involved, but only a few levels to
enjoy them? Procedural generation eliminates this gripe, however it
can’t be used for puzzle games. They require individual designer
attention per-level, but for action games it works great.

(5) As Well as developing Koya Rift to be sold, you have also submitted it to the independent games festival 2011. Did this change the way you thought about developing the game for its public release, or how you might develop future games?

certainly made me work faster. Also, I have discovered how great it is
to set deadlines for yourself. I have gotten so much done because my
thought process was much better planned out than other games I have made
before. I’ve also realized the importance of announcing and hyping your
game; and I should have done it sooner around when I submitted it to
the IGF. Unfortunately it is very very hard for an unpopular game to win
any awards. It’s an unavoidable flaw in design of the competition – a
popular game will beat out a better, unknown game. Simply because the
judges didn’t think too much about it.

(6) Koya Rift has already received attention from some highly respected
websites (e.g. Gamespot and IndieGames) Is this a new experience for you? (How does it feel?)

day my trailer got posted on was a great day for Koya
Rift. Previously most of the internet had not seen the game, but that
short mention on the website suddenly got thousands of eyes on me. I got
emails from people that wanted to play it or preview it, and tons of
new website views and subscribers. This attention makes me feel great,
but at the same time it was nice back when nobody cared about me and I
could focus on my work. Now I’m forced to neglect certain areas of the
internet in order to get everything done, but I still try to reply to
any emails I receive.

(7) Not only has your game received attention from large websites, but you have also gained a lot of followers in design communities around the internet. How does it feel to be supported by so many people (in groups or as individuals)?

The people on the internet are awesome.
In real life, my friends are supportive and all, but they don’t see
awesome things all the time like people on indie websites do. So when I
gain followers on the internet and many people respect me, it feels
really really good. I don’t want to let them down, so it sets new
standards for myself too. As I continue to grow in popularity I want to
make sure that I use it to benefit other people as well – if I ever get tons
of followers on my website, I’ll feature other indie games that need
more attention and spread the joy. This is one thing I really think
notch should have done with all of the weight he carries.

(8) With quite a bit of buzz currently going on around [KR] it must be hard not to have high expectations of the game. Do you have any doubts about its success or whether you will be able to publish games later that will follow in its footsteps?

only thing I’m worried about is that the flow of the game is radically
different from the norm. Players are used to buying a game and drilling
through it to “beat” it, and then feeling accomplished afterwards. They
won’t pick up the same game again for months or years, if ever. Instead
this game is designed to be easy to pick up and put down, and be able to
fill that desire to shoot a bunch of stuff that comes up now and then
in the most of us. I’m afraid people will get the game and play it
non-stop for a long time (what they aren’t supposed to do with KR) and
burn themselves out, and then yell at me on the internet and tell me my
game is shallow.

The other thing I’m worried about is getting a
publisher. If Valve agrees to let me distribute the game on Steam,
reaching a large audience won’t be hard at all. But if not (and they
turn down plenty of great indie games all the time, so it is entirely
possible), I will have to really work at getting the game to a lot of
people, even if I do use other portals like Desura, GamersGate,
Direct2Drive, Impulse, Greenhouse, etc.

The one thing I’m sure of
is that I’ll be able to build a base for a healthy following of fans.
These fans will help me kick-start the development team I’m trying to
form next year to work on a really ambitious project.

(9) I’d just like to revisit the gameplay for these last two questions. There have been a number of occasions when multiplayer discussions have popped up on the internet and we have seen a few different answers, will there be multiplayer elements to Koya Rift?

And I know that may piss a bunch of people off, but it was my mistake
in designing it in the first place. The reason I can’t do multiplayer is
a technical flaw in the way I structured the engine of the game. Brace
for a technical definition: My rendering and my logic are intertwined;
and in order to do multiplayer, I must port the views of the game so
there can be splitscreen (a single screen wouldn’t work out, and
internet multiplayer would take too long and it would be buggy because
I’m bad at doing internet stuff). But in order to port the views, I have
to execute my render calls twice (once per each split in the screen)
and my logic once. But because they are intermixed everywhere, it’s
impossible to do. I can’t even split my logic and rendering at this
point without it taking months and months more of work. So it’s just not

How have you made sure that the life of the single player game will keep consumers busy?

entire fun of the gameplay originally was planned for single-player, so
in no way do I feel like I have stripped an essential mechanic away
from the game. The multiplayer was just a cherry on top of the dessert
dish that is Koya Rift, the single-player is the whipped cream and
cake-like filling of whatever you’re eating. In other words, it’s what
you’re there for.

(10) Finally – Are there any little gold nuggets you want to reveal to us just prior to release ?

soon I’ll edit together a “making of” video that will include bits and
pieces of development footage I’ve taken. Most notably these include
timelapses of painting all the enemies for the game; which I think are
pretty cool to watch. Also, a guy on the TIGSource forums has been
making me rethink the possibility of a demo, but I’m still on the fence.
I wouldn’t rule that out entirely yet. Thanks for having me, Dan!

Thanks For Speaking To Us Zach! I hope you guys enjoyed the interview and Koya Rift will be out in May!

SunnyKatt Website

Merry Christmas (Longest Post Ever)

Articles Posted on Thu, December 23, 2010 01:18PM


Another year drawing to a close already? Yup I hear ya, where does the time go? You may or may not have spent it reading my shockingly infrequent and boring blog posts but if you wish to do so now I’d set aside 15 minutes or so for the following pile of spew 🙂 . I have given everything headings so that if you only intend to read about one thing, and don’t care about much else, you can do so more easily. Enjoy…


As it happens there was no Christmas post last year, I released PngCon studio in November and then the next blog post is dated the first of January! ( This post was in a time where there was an obvious Christmas lull in activity as we were making rather merry. Anyways, to a few of the promises I made (Ahem) I stated that an alpha of Pettztown would be available rather soon (yikes) but in actual truth I never got the basic engine completely functional. I created an online play space but all the users could do was walk around and I guess I got a little excited in announcing the game (sorry). The next promise actually came true! Cosmos: Delegates in peril was scheduled for release in 2010 and since its release in April has become my highest rated game on YYG ranking in the top 100 platformers. The other possible releases (Winter warheadz, TOSL, Captain Spire and Spice the Raccoon) were all originally based around YoYo Competition guidelines and as such I could not be bothered to finish them, but you probably wouldn’t have liked them anyway (maybe…). All in all my new year’s blog post last year was a bit of a big fat lie. Sorry about that, I’ll try to make less promises this time in an attempt to gain a higher truth percentage (real thing) 😛 Moving on….


Well, it wouldn’t be a hefty, rambling, Wormintheworks blog post if I didn’t include a timeline! So without further ado I give you a timeline of this past year at Wormintheworks!

01 Jan – I lay out a list of hopeful games for 2010, only ever finishing one out of six.

13 Jan – I now lay out a list of hopeful software, five out of ten of them actually saw a release. Pretty good for me.

03 April – After a lot of slogging (5 months + work) Cosmos Origins: DIP is released and becomes my highest rating game on YoYoGames.

20 April Antibody Blast 2 announced as “in development.”

08 May – Election results for the UK are in, eventually the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats join forces and break all their promises (not unlike me I guess, except their decisions are more important).

16 June – I post my analysis of the exciting news at E3 :3 (nobody is interested… even now…) on the same day I release Antibody Blast 2 just under 2 months from announcing its development.

17 June – Site regenerated (Again) to how it looks now (Well at least it’s the last time this year).

20 June – Project 2043 revealed, I state that I will be making tons of joypad compatible games. To date none have been released, but there are still some in development (Can I get an Oooooh?)

16 July – After a week away on the most epic educational trip ever (No exaggeration) I am offered a Graphics Sender position at NoD and I accept it (obviously :3 ).

05 Aug – A history of Wormintheworks is posted ( It’s like this post but even more boring.

27 Aug – reaches 2 years online! 😀

15 SepAerohawk Effects (My most downloaded software and the reason for most of my web traffic) gets its third release (Much Updated).

09 Oct – New mini software Aerohawk Plume is released.

25 OctMatt joins the Wormintheworks team!

31 Oct – The results of the NAAs come in and Dan (me) wins Hardest worker, Most Faithful and Staff Member Of The Year for 2010!

03 DecMatt makes his first blog post!

That’s about it… Now the promises for this year (GULPS)


Life-wise I will hopefully be at University this time next year, be able to drive (legally), have a new computer and some kind of income (preferably through this site 😉 ). But mostly I guess anyone who has bothered reading through the other headings and still trusts me to follow through on promises will want to read about my plans for future releases. Well, I’m squirming out of the lie factor by simply stating projects I would like to finish in 2011, not that I will finish (I know, I’m a complete bastard XD ).

I would like to release a whole 2011 ‘suite’ starting with the currently available Aerohawk Effects 3 and Aerohawk Plume. I have also been working on PngCon Studio 2 and would like to work on PngCon Plus, VisionSilk and Bloom Help in the next year as well as a completely new piece of software to be known as Community Widgets. The likelihood is you’ll see an updated release of Aerohawk (only slight) and the full PngCon Studio 2 release but not much else.

Game-wise there’s a bit going on already. Antibody Blast: Go! Will hopefully be published on iPod in the first quarter of 2011, but if not I will release a “Lite” version to test on PC. Desperado (developed by Matt) will hopefully be available in Q1 also, as it is finished and just needs a few publishing tweaks. Matt and I are also somewhat collaborating on “The Train Game” Initially developed for PC, then iPad and now back to PC. I won’t tell you much about the game mechanics but I will tell you that it’s pretty sweet. Other, less likely to be released games include Cosmos: Rough Steele, Retro Revolution and SUDZ (also initially intended for iOS).

In summary I hope to sort my regular and online life out such that I’m not constantly boobing things up. (That’s a real term and a real worry in today’s world).


To conclude I’d just like to wish you a happy holiday season. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas is irrelevant at this time of year, this is a time when everyone gets together, acts really lazy and enjoys the company of the people they love. One thing I would say this Christmas (and Imma sound like a cheesy movie character here) is that you shouldn’t end the year having feuds with friends, family or even enemies. Take advantage of the situation and use everyone’s high spirits to mend those bridges – you may be surprised and find yourself wishing you’d done it sooner. Stop working for a bit, whether it’s for 2 weeks or 2 minutes, you can find some time to just relax and enjoy yourself before we all rush into our lives again. Most importantly, out of this whole whacking post – Thank you, Come again 😉

Cheers for reading, Enjoy your Christmas,


(Editor @ Wormintheworks)


Articles Posted on Wed, November 24, 2010 01:41PM

Hey there, I’m a bit annoyed that it’s been almost a month since I last posted! Time just seems to go so quick I got tons going on (Driving lessons, School, Black Ops came through and I’ve been trying to learn ukulele).

Anyways, me and Matt have still been working on site projects to put up for you. Here goes with the progress report!

Antibody Blast: Go!
Initial version finished, created by Dan this is the third game in the series and is being submitted to YYG for publishing on iPod touch when they open submissions. The game may need to undergo changes as stated by YYG and so no footage / screenshots will be released yet.

Basically finished, this is a game of Matt’s creation where you play as a ruthless desperado who explores a massive overworld in order to find all of the treasures that exist there. Release ~ Dec 2010 / Jan 2011.

Project “T”

A full on collaboration between Matt and I to create a quirky puzzle game for iPod touch. Matt created the initial game for PC, which was going to be published here until we decided to work on it for iOS. Matt will be programming and I will be doing the graphics, but I can’t tell you much about the actual gameplay at the moment 😉

There we go!

An update 😛


~ Dan

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