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Sudz Trailer is up!

Site News Posted on Tue, November 15, 2011 09:46PM

We’re getting ever closer to the release of Sudz now! The trailer has been released!

Direct Link:

Embedded Video:




99p just became an even better deal!

Site News Posted on Mon, November 14, 2011 07:47PM

Remember the deal where if you buy Antibody Blast before December 2nd you get Sudz free upon release?

That deal just got even better. Currently Antibody Blast is on sale for 0.99 GBP ( ~1.58 USD ).

Initially Sudz was going to be this price too, making the current offer a simple 2-for-1 deal. However, due to security issues (and the cost of solving them) the price of both Sudz and Antibody Blast from December 2nd onwards will be in USD by default and will be 2.99 USD ( ~1.89 GBP ). We believe this is still an awesome price for our games, but this also has the effect of making the current price an even greater deal!

By paying 0.99 GBP (~1.58 USD) for Antibody Blast now (still getting Sudz free) you are saving 2.79 GBP! ( ~4.40 USD). That’s a MASSIVE 73% off!

So buy Antibody Blast now to make great savings, or if you’d rather support us as a growing team, you can save up a little spare change now and buy later!

Remember, this deal is only available to PC users, as the Mac versions of both games come out after December 2nd. (Sorry Mac users, we’ll give you some awesome deals in future. We promise ;P )


~ Dan

Store Room Facebook App

Site News Posted on Sun, September 25, 2011 09:45PM

Today marks the release of our first full HTML5 game. Created with GameMaker HTML5 in a matter of hours, Store Room is a variation of the many “box dropping” games that are already out there.

The game can be launched in a browser window or embedded in facebook.

Click the picture to visit the page.



Antibody Blast 3 Released

Site News Posted on Sat, August 27, 2011 12:59PM

Hey guys,

The release date I gave AB3 in the last post was a bit off… it’s been released today!! 😀

Download Lite or Buy (please) for 0.99 GBP!



Tentative release schedule and Cosmos Teaser

Site News Posted on Mon, August 22, 2011 03:30PM

Tentative release schedule

Release dates shown here are all in 2011 and are subject to change.

22nd Aug – Elements (Web) RELEASED 22nd AUG

25th Aug – Mystery Of Bockston House Update (Android) RELEASED 22nd AUG

29th Aug – Elements (Android) RELEASED 23rd AUG

12th Sep
– uChords (Android) CANCELLED

26th Sep – PngCon Studio 2 (PC)

29th Oct – Melodies (PC)

7th Nov – Widgets (PC)

12th Nov – Antibody Blast 3 (PC) RELEASED 27th AUG

10th Dec – Cogs (PC)

14th Dec – Unnamed Cross-Platform Game (PC, Android)

Cosmos Origins Teaser

Just a silly video our team made to advertise the new cosmos game. The ‘making of’ video is arguably better than the actual teaser xD


Making of



Site Updates

Site News Posted on Mon, August 15, 2011 04:39PM

Today I’ve made a few tweaks to the site that may be small enough that you won’t notice them, but I’ll point them out for you anyway along with the reasons for changing each thing 😉

But first I’d like to say thanks again to everyone who has downloaded The Mystery Of Bockston House so far. It has currently received 1138 downloads and is rated 4 stars!

But anyways, onward with the changes:

The ‘Games’ link at the top of the page now reads ‘Apps’ as does the title on the page it links to. This is because we will be publishing Apps that we felt weren’t quite software or games, so now there will be a section that accomodates those apps. None of the games have been removed from the page, so you can still download your favourites!

The terms of use have been updated to further cover our own butts if anything goes wrong (I joke) and also I’ve added a link to the support page at the bottom of the TOU.

The title and blurb of the old ‘Games’ page has changed, for the reasons explained earlier. And finally, the applications are now sorted in order of release within their respective device categories, have their full names displayed and have their price visible on the page itself, so you won’t be surprised when we finally start releasing payed games.

Thanks for reading and thanks again for your support!

~ Dan

Holidays and what to expect

Site News Posted on Thu, July 07, 2011 12:39PM

After getting off my arse and actually publishing a few decent pieces of software in the first half of this year, it’s time for a break. smiley If you haven’t been following Wormintheworks’ progress this year I’ll remind you of our releases: Aerohawk Effects 4, VisionSilk 2 and PngCon + 2 have all been released in the last month, and new projects have also been unveiled such as a cosmos origins prequel. For the next week though I shall be on holiday, and George already has been for a couple of days so not much work will get done. But I will give you a list of things you can expect to see when we get back (which hopefully we will manage to fulfill).

Summer 2011

Expect: PngCon Studio 2
PngCon Studio is the follow on from Cosmic Icon Maker that brings more tools to the table. The first PngCon Studio was a clumsy effort that allowed only single image icons to be produced. With the new rewritten PngCon + scripts I should be able to create a much better version of PngCon Studio, and if I work hard enough I should be able to get it done before the summer days have been left behind. If there are any features you would like to see, feel free to contact me via twitter (@GameDevDan).

Expect: Bloom Help 2
the original Bloom help is simply a kick-start on the way to creating help files in HTML. Bloom Help 2 shouldn’t be much different except that now HTML5 is going to be the new standard form of HTML, so Bloom Help will have to be updated to fit in. If there are any features you would like to see, feel free to contact me via twitter (@GameDevDan).
EDIT 23/07/11: Bloom is being dropped in favour of ‘melodies’, a music composer.

What might get in the way?

Obviously summer is a time when many people are out playing sports and drinking etc. so those temptations might make our works a little late. Plus sometime in the middle of August my A level exam results come back, so I might be making a lot of decisions about those.

Autumn 2011

Expect: Wormintheworks Widgets
I have created various versions of this software in the past that didn’t quite have enough substance to be released. The idea is that many pieces of software don’t need to be FULL releases, but can be grouped together in one piece of software. This is where widgets comes in. Widgets will have the ability to safely play One-script applications made in GML so that other people can develop their own widgets. If there are any features you would like to see, feel free to contact me via twitter (@GameDevDan).

What might get in the way?
By the end of september I will have to have decided whether or not I want to go to Uni or get a job either in doing what I am right now (Software, Games, Web design) or working in the family business. Anyone of these things is going to get in the way of making software for a while.

Winter 2011

Expect: Cogs
The final software project for the 2011 suite (as 7 icons can be seen on the witw software page) cogs’ functionality is somewhat under wraps, but you should be able to see it sometime this year.

What might get in the way?

Same stuff as autumn really, plus christmas if I leave development that late.


Expect: Antibody Blast: GO
Antibody Blast: Go is actually finished for PC in Game Maker 8.1, but we are entirely dependent on YoYoGames releasing Game Maker Studio before we can release ABGO on android. If YoYoGames have not set a date for GMS release by Q1 2012 we will begin to work on another way of bringing ABGO to your android devices.

Expect: Cosmos Origins Prequel
Me, George and Matt are all working hard to bring you Cosmos, but it will be a higher quality game than you have seen on wormintheworks before and games of a higher quality obviously take more time. The new game only has a few things done at the moment and is nowhere near completion.

What might get in the way?
Working on other software!

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to post them here or contact us via the support page!

Happy Holidays XD


VisionSilk 2 Released

Site News Posted on Sun, July 03, 2011 05:50PM

VisionSilk is Wormintheworks’ advanced text editor that makes creating and maintaining webpages quicker and easier.

The first version of VisionSilk was released two years ago tomorrow and was thus getting a little crusty.

It actually took little work to create the vast improvement that is VisionSilk 2, with its awesome new preview window.

VisionSilk 2 is just one of a few pieces of software that we hope to update this year.

You can download Vs2 from the software page.



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