Good Evening Chaps,

How be? Good. Me too. Just thought I’d run over everything new we’ve done since the start of 2012.

Outfoxed Release

Our first (and so far only) release of 2012, Outfoxed, was released on January 13th on Amazon Kindle Store. The book is another comedy classic from Richard J. Johnston that deserves a place on everyone’s Kindle!

New Site Design at Wormintheworks

Wormintheworks has had another make over. I’m really happy with this one. Currently featured on the new homepage is “Outfoxed.” Along with an extra wide tweet box.

So what has changed?

– Apps and Games have been combined into one section, but that section is split into platforms as follows: PC/Mac, Browser, iOS, Android, Other.

– Merchandise links to our zazzle store directly now instead of being split into sections and hosted on Wormintheworks.

– The about page now goes into more detail on each team member and the terms of use have been updated.

– The contact page has been simplified.

– A press page was added with resources and articles.

New Site Design at

My (Dan) personal Logo & Web design service site has been revamped after I finished a job for an important client. [/Boasting]

Bristol 10k donation page started <<< DONATE

DONATE!! DOOOOOONATE!! [/Unprofessional]

Anyway. There’s your summary.

Have fun with it.