Hello there,

Just got some time (and blog space) to fill so I thought, ‘why not write a blog post about things that I may or may not do and how soon I probably won’t do them?’

Confused? me too. Basically I’m gonna say a bunch of stuff about projects and you shouldn’t take any of it too seriously because it might not get done.

Sooo… interesting news this week has hinted at a release date of GameMaker: Studio (again…). This time the potential release date is in late February / early March. Not too bad a release date really, but we have been sitting on a handheld project for about a year since the initial publishing store YoYo were talking about was set for opening in Feb 2011 (and that never happened…). Anyway, If GM:S does come out this time we’ll be ready and waiting with Antibody Blast: Go for android (and later iOS).

Moving to a middle-ground platform now (HTML5) I created a game in 2 hours the other day for a challenge that I am hoping to fix up into something more. It’s quite good at the moment though: Zhat HTML5. Yeh. So I’ll do that.

And finally home ‘consoles’ (basically PC and Mac). I’ll hopefully be able to port AB and Sudz to mac soon, which I still haven’t managed so far. Also I am discussing things with Dan for PC projects. You know this is all filler anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had stopped reading by now.

But yes. We are doing things and I hope you continue to stay with us.