Hello There!

It’s been a long year, we’ve had hard times and fun times (but mostly fun times) and now it’s all coming to an end! Most likely you are on leave from school or work at some point soon, so enjoy your time off and have a wonderful holiday season.

This year has been a moderately eventful one for Wormintheworks. We released our first ever mobile app, The Mystery Of Bockston House, on Android and followed it up with another app (Elements). We released four PC games this year and our first ever mac game!

It’s been a slow year for our software (despite what we may have promised) but I think you’ll agree that our progress with games has been a lot more entertaining!

We’d like to thank you for sticking by us on our website and on twitter and making this year as enjoyable for us as we hope we have for you.

Once again, enjoy your Christmas break!


Wormintheworks Team