Another one of these monthly blog posts for ye!

I will try to make a Christmas blog post but in case I forget, or get carried away by angry soldier ants, I shall wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS now on behalf of the whole Wormintheworks team!

So, what has happened in December?

As promised on the 2nd we released Sudz for PC. It’s available now for $2.99 on our games page. We have had a few problems porting Sudz and Antibody Blast to mac and HTML5, for which we apologise.

On the same day as Sudz we released our 2nd eBook, Green As Grass, which is now available for amazon kindle for $1.49. The book features two tramps who commit a daring heist after becoming friends.

This month we also sent the GMC Jam winners their free copies of Sudz and Antibody Blast as promised, switched our payment system to BMT micro and added Google Adsense to our YouTube videos and Web Pages. We also had another person join the team (Dan Cantle) who will be a bit of an ideas man and will also help with Graphic Design.

I also signed up to the 10k for BRACE again, check out my support page here.

We had planned to get more done this month, but as usual problems arise and knock us off course.

And what will happen in January?

HOPEFULLY, YoYoGames’ much bigged up ‘Game Maker: Studio‘ will be with us as early as possible in Q1 2012, and we can publish Antibody Blast: Go, A Mystery Of Bockston House update and a new (unannounced) game I’ve been working on. If there is no news of a general release period for GMStudio by the end of January, or there is but the release is too far away, we will consider recreating the aforementioned games in a different program such as StencylWorks.

I will also be discussing things we the other team members to see how we can collaborate on future projects better, and I am continuing work on Cosmos Origins II.

Thanks for reading,