What’s been happening?

Since my last post I have seen both George and Matt in person, both of them are having a great time at uni, although they don’t have much spare time to work on projects here.

I’ve been working on various things over the last month.

Antibody Blast (mac version) and Sudz (PC and mac versions) are both basically finished, I just need to sort out a few things on mac that might cause problems for some users. They are still set for release on Dec 2nd for $2.99.

Green As Grass, our second eBook, is not quite finished yet. I did hope to publish it tomorrow, but it looks like it will be December before it sees a release. We do however have another eBook ready, which is actually complete but cannot be released without the go-ahead from the author.

Planning is under way for Android and iOS versions of Sudz as well as the previously announced Antibody Blast: Go for the same two platforms. However, the release date for such things is uncertain and likely to be further away than we’d hoped as YoYoGames has increased their release estimate for GameMaker: Studio from Q4 2011 to Q1 2012.

Also during this month, I ‘retired’ from my position as Elite Artist and Administrator of Nation Of Design. I will still be a regular member of the forum, but I feel that the lack of enthusiasm by other members has almost brought the website to a stand still, and I’m not the one with the power to help…

What Will happen?

As described above, over the next month we should see the release of Antibody Blast (mac) and Sudz. Possibly the releases of 2 eBooks, and hopefully some sort of further information on Android / iOS developments.

If I manage to get the planned releases out on time, I will probably continue work on Cosmos Origins: The Crystal Beacons and expand on some ideas I’ve had for future games and software.

Thanks for reading, If you want to be updated more often you can always follow me on twitter (I’m @GameDevDan)